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Insulisten® was developing a multifunctional insulin pen attachment that could be attached independent of the pen’s brand and type. The tool made the released dosage of insulin voice-controlled, automatically configurable and aurally verifiable, which increases diabetics’ patient compliance, improves the diabetics’ level of independence and reduces additional medical expenses.

Insulisten® in a simple manner integrated the affordability of insulin pens with the ‘smart functions’ of expensive insulin pumps.

Important achievements of Insulisten® are The creation of a qualitatively working medical hardware prototype, a sophisticated advisory board with market leaders, doctors, and patients, a successfully closed investment deal and the close collaboration with different international partners and stakeholders.

Unfortunately, Insulisten® couldn't close a second investment round  for the development of an official certified medical hardware product and the necessary medical trials. We had to stop Insulisten® in 2018.

I was responsible for the business development, the concept development, stakeholder management, brand management and team development.

Thanks to my entrepreneurial activities and experiences with among other things Insulisten®, I am recognised as an international fellow at the Kairos Society.

The Kairos Society started with a vision: what if the leaders of today were friends 30 years ago, working together to solve our world's grandest challenges?

Founded in 2008, the Kairos Society unites the next generation of entrepreneurs, with corporations, worldwide influencers and today's leading innovators,  to address high-impact market opportunities. We are committed to advancing the world through innovation in areas such as education, healthcare, and clean energy - we believe that these global challenges are entrepreneurs' greatest opportunities.


Fetch was a cooperative consultancy initiated and run by students with the goal to share knowledge and money gained from entrepreneurial projects and consultancy work. The money earned was reinvested in personal development and ‘learning journeys’ to Spain, Finland, San Fransisco, China, and India.

Achievements of Fetch:

  • Successful deliveries of international consultancy projects;

  • Successfully organized local and international innovation events;

  • Various entrepreneurial spin-offs.

 I was Responsible for:

  • Business development;

  • Project management;

  • Process Improvement consultancy;

  • Innovation management consultancy;

  • Brand management consultancy.


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TapYours prototype


TapYours was an IT application for smartphones what was developed to end the customer's disappointment of hearing: 'I'm sorry, we do not have it in your size anymore.' With insight into the current shop's stock, TapYours can send the consumer directly to the store related webshop, what increases the likelihood of costumers making their purchase reality after all.

TapYours developed different test cases with brands and stores to analyze potential users behavior and see how this was affecting the revenue stream(s) of the stores. We found out that partnering stores and early adopters were enthusiastic about the possibilities and the user interface, but that too many people were not yet capable of using our software because their phones were lacking the NFC technology at the time. Alternatives for the NFC technology had been proven to be user-unfriendly, to hard to implement or too expansive during our earlier test rounds. Unfortunately, we concluded to stop with TapYours.

Achievements of TapYours:

  • A working prototype;

  • Close collaboration with local shops and other local stakeholders;

  • Running product test of a year.

I was responsible for:

  • Business development;

  • Team development;

  • Concept development;

  • Stakeholders management;

  • Project management.



Flush was developing an educational program for the Indian market to create awareness about the importance of personal hygiene through ‘gamification’ with mobile applications and games. We collaborated with local Indian students, local companies and NGO during the product development to research and built for the local needs. The project was taken over by a local Indian university. 

Achievements of Flush:

  • Close collaboration with local and international partners and stakeholders;

  • Different locally developed and tested prototypes;

  • A successful Transmission of the project to an Indian university. 


I was responsible for:

  • Business development;

  • Stakeholders management;

  • Project management;

  • Concept development.

During Flush, I learned and gained (real-world) experience in:

  • UX design and Product development;

  • International business;

  • Entrepreneurship in Emerging economics;

  • Stakeholders management;

  • Implementing customer feedback and learnings

Restaurate .

Restaurate is developing a cloud-based software program that gives companies a tool to improve their customer satisfaction through live consumer mood’s self-reviewing in combination with an algorithm that can provide insights by pulling data from the web and data collected by (third party) (big data) sensors placed through the shop.

Important achievements of Restaurate . are close collaborations with local hospitality industry partners and a working prototype.


I am responsible for the business development, stakeholders management, and team development. 

During Restaurate, I am learning and gaining (real-world) experience in:

  • UX design and Product development;
  • Business development and strategy;
  • Stakeholders management;
  • Team development;
  • Product developent 


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2017 - 2018


The (Pre-)Master ‘Data Science and Entrepreneurship’ is a combined (Pre-)Master program from Tilburg University and the Technical University of Eindhoven to study, research and apply data science.


  • Data-Structures and Algorithms

  • Foundation of Databases

  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Programming (Python)


Dutch promotional video about LEINN

MTA student Manifesto

Mondragon Unibersitatea

LEINN ('Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation') is a four-year full-time university Bachelor degree. The graduates of the Mondragon Unibertsitatea LEINN Bachelor degree, are qualified to lead the creation of new companies (entrepreneurship) and occupy management functions inside enterprises (intrapreneurship).

To achieve these competencies, the students follow subjects and implement the 'learning by Doing' principle. Where they work in self-managed learning teams, work on projects of real clients and start-up entrepreneurial projects and ventures. The money earned is invested in Learning Journeys.

Followed subjects:
Business economics - ICT -  Business Law - Business Mathematics & Statistics - Product development - Design Thinking - Accounting - Business Ethics & Philosophy - Chinese - Business Strategy & Strategic Thinking  - Creativity and Innovation -  Brand Management & Marketing - Customer services & Sales - International Business - Team Development - Personal development & Knowledge Management

Experience Economy

International exchange:

  • Bilbao, Spain (6 months)
  • Tampere, Finland (3 months)
  • San Fransisco, United States (2 months) 
  • Pune, India (3 months) 
  • Shanghai, China (2 months)